2016 AGM & Annual Dinner Feb 26, 2017

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                                                                                  Thank you alumni for your support and participation! The 2016 AGM and annual dinner was a great success.  38 members attended the AGM as well as the annual dinner at Golden Light Buffet on Sunday Feb 26, 2017.

The 2015 AGM minutes, 2016 Financial Report and 2016 President Report have been passed and accepted by the members.

According to constitution, election for board of directors for the year of 2017-2018 (two-year-term) have been held during the AGM. All 7 existing directors have been re-elected and 2 more new directors have been joining the board. Congratulations!

Front row right 1: Jane Ng– Secretary; Front row right 2: Kenneth Li — President; Front row right 3: Evan Chau — Treasurer; Front row right 4: David Lee — Vice President; Second row right 1: Danny Siu — Director (Membership); Second row right 2: Tony Lai — Director (Activities); Second row right 3: John Lai — Director (Activities) ; Second row right 4: Eddie Sum — New Director; Second row right 5: Joanne Lau — New Director

Friendly conversations, funny games, lucky draw and yummy food all filled up the evening with friendship and lots of memories!

Look forward to another exciting and fulfilled year of 2017. We need all the supports from our alumni.

*Please click the link to see more photos from AGM.  http://www.hksyucaa.com/?page_id=45

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